FREE Improv Jam

Free Improv Jam
HANGOUT is our FREE* improv jam where improvisers of all levels get together to practice their improv skills in NYC! It’s a fun supportive environment where you will be paired up with someone of an equal experience level or higher whenever possible to ensure adequate support. We will kick things off with some fun improv games then warm up with 2 person scenes, and then jump to larger group scenes. At the end we usually do some fun challenges to help hone skills even further.

Improv Jam Scene

We use a combination of suggestions from the audience, AI generated ideas, and even music depending on the activity.

In order to give everyone ample opportunities to play, we have capped our participant limit and require you to RSVP before showing up. If you can no longer show up, please change your RSVP status, otherwise we will make note of your no-show and if this happens again in the future, we may bar you from coming to future events as space is limited so please be considerate of other participants.

*It is free for first timers, if you decide to come back again there is a small $5 fee to help cover the costs of renting the room. If for whatever reason you are unable to afford the fee and would like to continue coming, please contact the organizer.

Upcoming Jams:
2/14/2019 (Thursday)
7:00pm – 9:00pm
Magnet Theater Training Center (Room F)
22 West 32nd St, 10th floor
New York, NY 10001

Note: Although this is hosted at the Magnet Theater Training Center, we are NOT affiliated with them.


Improv Jam NYC

We will aim to start promptly at 7:10PM so please try to show up at around 7PM to sign in on-time. Also, there might be another group using our room before us, so do not walk inside the room until it is 7PM.

We will be in Room F. All the rooms are labeled so when you get off the elevator on the 10th floor, just keep walking down until you see it. This mixer will be hosted by Angel.

Rules & Other Important Stuff

By attending our jam you agree to the following terms:

  • Please be respectful of other participants and refrain from inappropriate touching as well (not just sexual, i.e. don’t touch people’s hair unless you know they won’t mind etc.).
  • Recording is NOT allowed in order to foster a safe space.
  • Being a jerk will not be tolerated under any circumstances, do not heckle or berate any participant as you will be banned from our events and promptly kicked out.
  • You will not hold us liable if you get hurt during one of our events.

Past Jams:
10/20/2018 (Saturday)
9/29/2018 (Saturday)
9/14/2018 (Friday)
7/28/2018 (Saturday)
6/30/2018 (Saturday)
5/19/2018 (Saturday)
4/28/2018 (Saturday)
3/24/2018 (Saturday)
2/17/2018 (Saturday)